Bring home the cash!

RSGoldRush will buy both your RuneScape 3 and Oldschool Gold. We strive to make the experience for you as effecient as possible while offering very competitive rates.

How much does RSGoldRush pay for gold?

Due to the nature of the market, the price we pay for Rs07 and rs3 gold is constantly changing. Just join our livechat, and our agents will be happy to update you with the current prices.

How does it work?

Selling RSGoldRush your gold is a very simple and straight forward procress, there's only a few steps.


Open live chat or fill out the form below and agree on a price for your gold and how you would like to be paid.


We will meet you ingame and you will trade the gold to us.


Once the gold has been received yourpayment will be sent instantly.

Why sell to RSGoldRush?

RsGoldRush appreciates all players who sell their hard earned gold to us. We try to keep buy rates as high and competitive as possible, so you can get the most for your gold. All payments are sent instantly after receiving the gold. Payment method is primarily bitcoin, but other cryptos like litecoin, ethereum and ripple are available upon request. Contact the livechat in the bottom right to get the most up to date rates for rs07 and rs3 gold.

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