• Do you require photo ID?

    For transactions deemed risky we reserve the right to ask for a full copy of an unedited Photo ID and note.

  • Where do you have vouches at?
    We have reputation on Sythe, Osbot, Powerbot, G2g, Eldorado and more.
  • Is purchasing gold on these games illegal?

    Purchasing gold on these games will not result in a ban unless you are committing other illegal acts on the account.

  • My refund is taking a long time - what is going on?

    Refunds may take up to 21 business days from G2Apay and other payment processors. Normally refunds take between 1-3 business days but the time it takes to get your refund is very much out of Rsgoldrush's control; once the refund has been requested; it is up to the payment processor/payment gateway you paid through to send you your funds back. 

  • How do I get my gold once I've purchased?

    Please contact our live chat located on the bottom right of the website, if no live chat is on - please make a ticket and wait patiently or email our support email which is support@rsgoldrush.com

  • Do you dropship gold from suppliers to customers?

    Yes we do, we occasionally will have a seller "Drop-ship" gold to customers directly to avoid bans on our accounts. Buyers are rarely; if ever banned. By purchasing osrs or runescape 3 gold from us you agree that we are not liable for these bans however!

  • Do you speak English?

    Yes, all staff are excellent at communicating in English with you regarding your orders, problems or any other issues!

  • When will you be buying gold again? I was told you were full?

    We are often full on gold due to our large variety of suppliers - There is no "firm" time that we are purchasing gold at this time. We purchase as needed!

  • How do I purchase via Paypal?

    If Paypal checkout is not enabled for automatic payments on our cart; please contact our livechat to issue you a Paypal invoice for you to pay then return to the livechat after paying the invoice and inform them that the invoice has been paid and they will check your order and if everything is satisfactory; complete it.

  • I do not see the payment option I want; Where is it?

    Rsgoldrush may or may not offer the payment option you want; please contact our live-chat support or send us a ticket or Email regarding whether or not we offer your preferred payment method.