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Vorkath All The way up!

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about one of the most profitable bosses of Old School Runescape, many of you may already know or heard about Vorkath.

Sadly Vorkath means pathetic failure/weakling/runt in the dragonkin's language. A result of an experiment in the laboratory beneath the dragonkin fortress on Ungael. Despite his power, he is considered a ''little distraction'' But still one of the best bosses out there.

Vorkath is a Dragon encountered during the Dragon slayer 2 quest. Once completed, we will be able to farm him (but note : he becomes stronger after the quest kill). The quick and easy travel for banking makes Vorkath, the farming choice for many Players!

Suggested skills (Ranged method)
80+ Range
74+ Prayer
70+ Defense


Besides farming Vorkath, it can be assigned as a Slayer task, if you do not have a slayer task of either Vorkath or Blue Dragons, you can use a Salve Amulet(e) or (ei) for an accuracy and damage boost. Paired with Void, this method is proving very effective. Using either a Slayer Helm or Salve Amulet(e) or (ei) is highly recommended, but remember they cannot be used together

Most players are killing Vorkath using either a Void Range setup, or a Void Melee setup.

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Vorkath can hit up to 31 with each standard attack. His high attack level means his melee attacks are very accurate, though he does not use Melee as often as Magic or Ranged. Players should have quick-prayers set according to their combat style and weapon type to reactivate prayers if deactivated by the pink dragon fire. Players should also be prepared to click at least two spaces away if Vorkath uses his insta-kill vertical dragon fire lob.

Attacks and strategies

Standard Attacks

Blue Ball - Standard Magic Attack; Use Protect from Magic.


Silver Spikey Ball - Standard Ranged Attack; Use Protect from Missiles.


Orange Cloud - Standard Fire breath Attack; Use a Super antifire potion and a Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire ward or Dragonfire shield.


Green Cloud - Standard Venom Attack.


Notable Attacks

Fireball - Vorkath will shoot an orange fireball up in the air and you need to move 2 squares or more away from it to avoid all damage. If it lands on you it will kill you. If it lands next to you, it will still damage you HEAVILY.


Venom Dragonfire: Dragonfire that has a chance to inflict the venom status if not venom immune.


Purple Cloud - This Attack is simple because all it does is turns off your prayers, so when you see the purple cloud, just get ready to turn your quick prayers back on.


Special Attacks

Zombified Spawn - This attack starts with a white cloud, and will freeze you where you stand. Vorkath will shoot a zombified spawn into the arena and you will need to kill it using ‘crumble undead’ before it gets to you. If it gets to you it will hit you for 50+ damage. One strategy I’ve found that works great is as soon as you see the white cloud, click the ground beneath you to stop attacking Vorkath and then WATCH to see what direction he shoots the spawn and angle your camera towards it. As soon as you are facing the right way, hit the spawn with the spell and it will 1-shot the spawn.


Poison Phase - This is an attack which will require you to move around. Vorkath will shoot a bunch of green poison in the air and it will land all around the map. Vorkath will then shoot you with rapid fire attacks that can quickly and easily combo you out. What you need to do at this point is forget about attacking for a second and start walking, while avoiding the poison on the ground. Pretty simple, but there are two keys to note. If you step on the poison, not only will it damage you but it will also heal Vorkath. So try to avoid that. The other thing to note is that if you stop moving, the fire balls being shot will stack damage and like I said the damage is VERY fast, and you will die. Find an open line of anywhere from 5-15 squares that runs west to east and just walk it back and forth until the poison is gone.


After every 6 attacks, Vorkath will use a special attack and these will alternate.

NOTE: Beware of Vorkath's acid pool quick-fire barrage, insta-kill vertical dragon fire, and suicide spawn as each of these attacks can kill players almost immediately.

Regular killing of Vorkath may turn out into around 2-3m profit an hour but the best drop you can get from him is Skeletal Visage which is worth 28m! YEAH!

Unfortunately the drop rate of Skeletal Visage is 1/5000 so good luck, Best wishes from all the Gold Rush team and have a lot of fun!

Your Friendly Blogger,
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