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Most Useful Skills in Old School Runescape

Hello Everyone!

Been a while since our last entry, today we are going to talk about some of the most useful skills to have in runescape, many of you might like others skills and that’s ok, we are all friends here.
I might not be pro ironman but I hope you find value from my list.



Believe or not agility is actually useful when you are having to run long distance. For example if you had level 1 agility your run energy will increase 1% every 7.5 seconds however if you have 50 agility your run percentage increases 1% every 4 seconds, this is valuable for a lot for runescape quest; making them easier to complete ,one of them is the Underground pass when you are going over those infamous bridges.
Higher agility levels may also allow you to avoid damage when pickpocketing people and for low level player or skillers who haven’t trained magic enough to get around, using shortcuts around the world of runescape makes things alot more time efficient.


The bad thing about agility is that it is widely unpopular among players because of the monotonous clicking, called the most boring skill of runescape but don’t try to avoid it guys!



Prayer helps to aid us during combat and has many uses as well such as : letting us keep one extra item if we die, defeating jad, which would be impossible without prayer. Unfortuntately prayer is one of the most expensive skills to train in osrs. It will end up costing you money instead of making it.


You start to seeing monetary value from prayer on your long-term goals like bossing, pking, questing, etc.

Even if prayer is a F2p skill, leveling prayer is almost impossible with the xp rate of regular bones, most common way to level prayer is at gilded altar using bones and Souled heads method.


Check out our Beginner Prayer Guide for more info HERE!



Magic is one the most important skills in runescape. It is used in combat, allows crafted items to be enchanted, and provides fast transport around the world via teleports.

Magic also allows you to create gold from items with high level alchemy, it is probable one of the largest money generator in the game. Make sure to check the profit/cost of the items as sometimes price might change, search for the best odds always!

Having a high level magic is a big advantage by beubg able to use the most destructive spells causing huge damage.


Let’s face it we all love watching a noob running after being tele blocked.



Range is the #1 top skill to have and most useful skill in runescape, rangers are capable of having the highest accuracy of any combat type, for this reason range is used against high level monsters with high defense.

The combat triangle dictates that rangers are strong against mages but weak against melee fighters, but having a high range levels will always give an amazing advantage in pvp fights doing melee-range combos.

Range is used for fast killing And gives the best weapon bonus. Safely avoid getting killed by safe-spotting mobs and with Prayer bonuses it helps a lot for farming/Bosses.




Most players start broke in osrs, this is where fishing comes in; a great way to begin your runescape career, it can also be a decent money maker while also giving access to food.

Personally when I was a kid I spent hours and hours fishing as a f2p player, it was my main skill for money and got my first rune set with lobsters!
Training fishing always goes along with cooking so we will always have money and food for training, even save enough money a bond , become a member and then someday be a Pro player.


Remember this was my opinion and is all based on my runescape experience, other skills like Herblore, Runecrafting(what dude?), Minning, smithing( Don’t go to ariant at lvl 3, believe me), Slayer and woodcutting(f2p) are all pretty good money makers.

You are all invited to form part of this amazing community and enjoy every single skill in Runescape!

Hope you guys liked it, make sure to always have a decent Skilling experience; it will boost your Character in lots of ways!

Your Friendly Blogger,
Alejandro Vergara
RsGoldRush Team Member

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