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Twitch Partners With Runescape!

Twitch Prime has partnered up with Runescape to offer free membership and ingame exclusive goodies. This limited partnership is active for prime members from July 26 – Sept 19, so dont wait to get your free swag. This is a great initiative to get new and old members alike into playing Runescape. While Runescape is definitely not a new game, it has slowly regained more exposure and a larger playerbase. With Runescape mobile around the corner, sooner rather then later,is the best time to get back into the game. The beta is currently on-going, open to all that have Runescape membership. Luckily for all twitch prime members, free membership comes with the bundle.

The Bundle Includes:

Runescape 07 :Free MemberShip ( 1 month)
Early Access to Purple Skinrs071

Runescape 3: Free Membership ( 1 month)
Free Epic Loot
-Exclusive Umbral Armour
-Exclusive Flame Blade Weapon
-Exclusive Umbral Crassian Companion Pet
-2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prize)
-15 Treasure Hunter Keys
-200 RuneCoins

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