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Runescape Guide: Animal Magnetism (Ava’s Device)

Heyo Noobs!
Today we are going to explain how to get our amazing Ava’s Device by finishing the quest Animal Magnetism, it has some regular requirements but hey IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT.
So let’s start saving money for our noob asses and making some profit, thanks god I’m here for you guys, now we are going to visit our friend Ava, she is the new resident of Draynor manor, so yea a totally damsel in distress. Well looks like she is really reaaaally far from being Sleepy beauty because she finds her bed horrible like a stone making her suffer of insomnia. Here is where we are going to help this cutie lady, let’s face it, who knows what the budding scientist will produce as a reward?

At this far some of you have plenty decent skills if you don’t well better start now, for the quest the requirements are;

Level 18 de Slayer
Level 19 de Crafting
Level 30 de Ranged
Level 35 de Woodcutting

Quest required:

The Restless Ghost quest
Ernest the Chicken quest
Priest in Peril quest
If you hadn’t done any of these quests check our blogs for them!
Items for the quest:
Ghostspeak amulet
20 Ecto-tokens
5 Iron bars
Mithril hatchet
Holy symbol
Hard leather

Starting the quest!

To reach Ava, go to the south-western room on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. Search the "candle sconce" on the west wall to get into the room with Ava.
Talk to her to find she wishes for you to help fix her bed. She needs undead chickens, so go to the farm near Port Phasmatys by teleporting to the Ectofuntus using your ectophial(if you did Ghost Ahoy) and then heading west.



If you don’t have Ghost ahoy quest follow the green path to Alice’s Farm
The farm


Go to Alice's farm, on the road between Port Phasmatys and Canifis. Ask her about the quest, and that you need some poultry of hers.
She'll tell you to speak to her dead husband, located in the field to the west of her. Talk to him, and he will just tell you to talk to Alice again.

Alice wants you to tell her husband she loves him but she can't find their savings and needs his help. He'll say he put their cash in the bank, as he used to do before getting affected by Necrovarus's curse. Go back to Alice and tell her this.
She'll then tell you to ask her husband for his bank password; he refuses, calling you a scammer.


When you tell Alice that her beloved husband refused, you'll suddenly come up with the idea of a modified ghostspeak amulet so that Alice can talk to him herself. Alice tells you that a witch that lives nearby can modify ghostspeak amulets. She mentions that the Old Crone lives west of the Mausoleum and east of the Slayer Tower. Unequip your Ghostspeak Amulet and go talk to her.

Head to the Old Crone's house between Slayer Tower and Fenkenstrain Castle, and talk to the Old Crone about the farmers. She will tell you to bring her a ghostspeak amulet and to make sure there is empty space in your inventory.



Speak to her again when you have these(of course we do bro) and she will quickly make you a Crone-made Amulet, tailored specially for Alice and her husband.
Give Alice's husband the amulet, and then talk to him again. A cutscene will show him attempting to catch a chicken for a rather long time, until he finally does so.


Alice's husband is now willing to sell undead chickens at 10 ecto-tokens each. you need two, so buy them both, then head back to Ava in Draynor Manor. After handing her the undead chicken so she can make her bed comfortable, she will tell you about a device she can make that will supply infinite feathers.


The magnet

In order to make it, she needs a magnet with purely natural magnetic fields. Follow her instructions, go talk to the witch in the room north-east of Ava.
The witch will talk to you in a rather patronizing tone, and she asks you to bring her 5 iron bars.

After you bring those to her, she'll tell you to go to the mine northeast of Rimmington, and use a hammer on a "selected iron" bar she just gave you, all this while facing north. Take the new bar magnet to Ava. With the magnet and the undead chicken, Ava now only needs a source of wood capable of regenerating itself.



Wood Source

Ava will tell you to attempt to chop down the undead trees that attack you in the 'garden' in front of the manor. When you try to cut down one of the trees along the pathway, the axe will simply bounce off. Go back and report this to Ava, who will have two options for you.

The first, cutting off your arms and reanimating them as undead, is unfortunately impossible(No more fap for you LOL), however interesting it may be. The second option is to talk to Turael in Taverley, as Ava saw him poking around in the yard while she was moving in.

He'll tell you that you need a blessed axe, and that he can give you his own, if you bring him a Holy Symbol and a Mithril axe. Get those items for him, and he will give you a Blessed Axe. It's no use for normal woodcutting, just for undead trees.
Once you cut a twig from any Undead Tree, talk to Ava again.

We are soo cloooose guys remember, patient!

Ava’s will give you some research notes, read them In order to translate the notes, click on the buttons so that the 2nd, 5th, and 9th buttons (from the left) are green and the rest are red.


Once you translate those notes, talk to Ava again, and you'll obtain "a pattern", and sent to get buttons (obtain them by pickpocketing HAM members. Be patient, it can take some work), and some hard leather.

Use the pattern with the leather to make a container. Talk to Ava again and she will assemble the accumulator.

Quest complete!



1 Quest Point
Ava's Device (Hell YEAH)
2,500 Woodcutting experience
1,000 Crafting experience
1,000 Fletching experience
1,000 Slayer experience
Access to Ava's stock of feathers, arrow tips (iron and steel) and arrows (iron and steel).

Hope you guys like it!

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