QoL Month of February: Week 3: PvP


  • Added further detail to Poll Question #10 to clarify that the 6 second attackable window in PvP worlds would only apply to those in combat. This means players that walk in/out of the safe zone without attacking will not be impacted and will remain unable to be attacked.
  • Added further detail to Poll Question #13 to clarify that the 1 game cycle delay also applies when switching from another special attack weapon to the Granite maul and using the special attack.
  • Added further wording to the destroying of a Looting bag changes to clarify that it will not be possible to destroy one as an attempt to drop food or potions to others within the Wilderness.
  • Regarding Poll Question #5 - Should Jagex increase the current limit applied to the camera zoom out distance? There would still be an upper limit and the current render distance would remain unchanged. It is important to highlight that this change requires some engine work. Jagex could quite simply increase the zoom limit and leave it at that, but it doesn't look great if that's all Jagex does. Jagex wouls still want to offer this change, but it will likely come later than you would expect the other QoL changes to.

Alongside the array of popular suggestions Jagex will be polling, Jagex will be looking at implementing a number of changes intended to target griefing in the Wilderness, in PvP worlds, and in Bounty Hunter worlds. Jagex considers these changes to be matters of balancing, intended to benefit those who engage with the content the most. In November, Jagex released a proposal of unpolled integrity changes we'd like to make to tackle various other matters of game integrity. A revised draft of this post will be released later this week to gather your feedback.

Unpolled Changes

World 318 is the dedicated Bounty Hunter player killing minigame world. When a player enters the Wilderness on this world, the Bounty Hunter target system will track down a player that is close to their combat level and will match them both up as targets to fight one another. It is often the case that this system will assign a target that is deep within the Wilderness, when the player is in the lower levels of the Wilderness. In these instances, the player in the lower levels of the Wilderness will usually skip their target. If too many targets are skipped, a penalty will be incurred, and the player will be unable to receive a new target for approximately half an hour. The penalty will be drastically reduced for skipping targets when you are more than 5 Wilderness levels apart.

In PvP worlds, certain dangerous hotspot areas are near teleport locations. Players are able to repeatedly cast teleports to these locations, preventing them from taking any damage. There will be a 10 second cooldown applied to same spot spellbook teleports on PvP worlds. The cooldown will not apply to jewellery teleports.

You may not have ever used one yourself, but a Mud pie has the ability to lower a players run energy. Because they deal no damage, it is possible to stack multiple Mud pies on the same target, reducing their run energy to 0% in a single game cycle, even whilst is a single combat area. Jagex will be applying single combat rules to Mud pies regardless of whether you are in a multiway area.

When movement is prevented by a spell such as Ice Barrage in PvP, whilst Auto Retaliate is selected, you don't always retaliate automatically. When you do, the chatbox can get filled with messages stating you are unable to move, even when you are able to retaliate with ranged. Jagex Will be changing that so Auto Retaliate will work properly whilst impacted by spells that disable movement in PvP.

Currently if you die in PvP whilst having Black chinchompas in your inventory, they are dropped alongside the pile of loot your opponent would normally receive. However, it is possible to release these before you die, meaning not only do you still lose them, but your opponent also receives nothing. Jagex would like to remove the ability to release Black chinchompas whilst in combat. This will apply to both PvM and PvP combat.

The final change Jagec would like to make is to the Looting bag. Currently, much like with Black chinchompas, if the player dies with a looting bag, it is lost on death (even if the player doesn't have anything else protecting over it). When this happens, the player who killed the person holding the looting bag will get everything inside the bag. You can however prevent this from happening by destroying the Looting bag before you die, preventing the items inside it from dropping to the floor. We'll be changing the Looting bag so all of the contents inside it get dropped to the floor if it's destroyed in the Wilderness. The items will become visible to the player that would have got the loot, if there is one, else the items will become visible to anyone at all instantly. If the loot appears instantly for everyone, food and potions would be treated with the same rules that currently apply within the Wilderness, meaning they would not appear to anyone.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to Jagex and they encourage you to reach out via the link to our forums at the bottom of this post to provide any.

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