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OSRS: Newbie Money Guide.

Heyo, Players!
Today I have brought to you a simple but really useful money making guide for everyone who decided to start playing OSRS and is broke. I know many people have rich main accounts but other players, like me, are poor newbies!
So at first you do all the training crap(Good ol tutorial island) get yourself to Lumbridge, get some gear from the training master and don’t be ashamed of showing the blue and white shield, swords, etc. They aren't great but remember we can’t afford anything yet.
Alright after killing some cows, goblins and wearing you goblin mail (LOL, You can't wear it, trust me, everyone has tried) you get combat lvl 15 ( 15 str/def/atk.
Now We'll start off at chickens, pick the feathers and raw chickens.



pollo-crudo-3 pluma-4
The feathers will help you get some gp for a bronze/iron scimitar and the raw chicken will be your source of food.
So let’s go on, as I was saying after getting that combat level you will be heading to



Any path you choose is good don’t worry, just make sure to get there alive, run past dark wizards… You will understand...after dying your first time from them.

Alright after you get your chicken roasted and your new scimitar head to Edgeville, make sure to save all your things in the nearest bank except the food



Edgeville is a small town located at the border of the Wilderness available to free players. In the early development of RuneScape Classic, Edgeville only had empty buildings. It was commonly referred to as "Ghost Town" until items were placed in the building and was given an official name, Edgeville. Edgeville is also a popular town to trade player killing-related items. This includes sharks, various potions, dragon weapons, and other combat related items. It is also the bank used by players training Runecrafting via the Abyss. Edgeville is also popular with high leveled members who own several amulets of glory, as it is the fastest bank to get to via a teleport.
But none of that matters to us at the moment, only the bank part. Once we reach to edgeville we are going to look for the entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon.

Edgeville Dungeon

The Edgeville Dungeon is a dungeon in Edgeville. It contains a large variety of monsters spanning across a wide range of levels. It can be accessed by a trapdoor south of the Edgeville bank, or a locked shed (requiring a Brass key to open) west of the Cooks' Guild.
The southern half of the dungeon is free-to-play, and is a popular location for killing Hill Giants on free-to-play worlds. The northern half is members-only, and is in the Wilderness, so anyone who wishes to explore the deeper parts of this dungeon should watch out for PKers(player killers) and only bring items that they are willing to lose. The Members' area is also a popular location for killing Chaos druids.


Since we are poor in game but stole a few dollars for our first membership month, Of course we going to farm Chaos Druids


Horrible pedophilian monk that drops weed for us that make us a little richer, we going be kind of a dealer here, so the Chaos Druid Counts with:

  1. 20 Hit points
  2. They are aggressive haven’t found a kid in years
  3. Weak to range
  4. Atk with crush and magic Confuse

‘’So bro how I’m supposed to make some money from those monks’’
Ok, Calm down here is the drop list, only the important ones, if the item doesn’t appear here don’t you dare picking it up since its absolute worthless(I recommend installing OSBuddy since it tells you the value of the drops):
grimy-harralander Grimy harralander 630-1300
grimi-avantoe Grimy avantoe 2300-4600
grimy-irit-leaf Grimy irit leaf 900-1800
grimy-kwuarm Grimy kwuarm 2000-4000
grimi-ranarr-weed Grimy ranarr weed 7600-15000
grimy-lantadyne Grimy lantadyme 1600-3200
grimy-dwarf-weedGrimy dwarf weed 900-1800
grimy-cadantineGrimy cadantine 1400-2800
chaos-headEnsouled chaos druid head 983

Sounds good right? Well if you don’t get a looting bag that is also droppable from them you can make 70k-100k per inventory with looting bag 90-140k, Which is really good money since you are lvl 15 and broke as hell. Might be doing 250k/hour if you are lucky with the drops.
Well, hope you guys Found this guide really useful, till the next time and never forget to Buy Girlfriend with the money you will make!


Your Friendly Blogger,

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