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OSRS Newbie Guide: Prayer

Heyo everyone!

Today we have brought to you some really good information about the Skill Prayer, its usage, leveling requirements and why it is the most difficult skill to level up as a no Member player, so let’s get into it.

What’s Prayer?

Prayer is a non-member combat skill which is trained by burying bones, using them on an altar will provide extra experience to the player.
Prayers are unlocked as the level of the player goes up these are going to help you with Attack, Defense, Strength, Range, and other usages.
When activating a Prayer it will start consuming the player’s Prayer points, these points can be recharged by praying at an altar

Uses of Prayer

Prayer is actually counted as combat stats which can affect your combat level, 8 Prayer levels equals’ one Combat level, leveling your prayer provides you skills or ‘’Prayers’’ some of them allows us to save one extra item at the moment of dying, buff us some stats and grand us protective skills
Getting a high Prayer level will save us a lot of money in the long term because of Prayer Potions.

Leveling Prayer

Even if Prayer is a free skill, leveling it as a free to play Player may be one of the most difficult things ever.
Free players doesn’t have any kind of access to good leveling prayer methods you only way to grand prayer exp is burying bones or Big bones (droppable from giants) , making it really impossible reaching level 99 as a free player since each regular bone gives 4,5 exp. and Big bone 15 exp.
(Yep you can get a lot of bonds with that)
The only thing you could do as a free player is The Restless Ghost quest which gives you 1,125 Exp. prayer reaching level 9, best you can do is to leave it like that until you have access to Member methods.
Here is a fact that will blow your mind: Using 1 Dragon Bone at a gilded altar equals to burying 50 regular bones! See the big difference between a Free-to-play and a Member.
You can do some variety of quests in Member world but the one I recommend the most is Holy Grail quest since it doesn’t only give 11.000 Exp. On Prayer also grand 15.000 Exp. In defense
Also as a member you have some really good viable methods to level up Prayer:

Gilded Altar

You don’t need any requirement to use this method of leveling prayer with around 500k gp in dragon bones you will reach level 43 Prayer… so let me explain how Gilded altars work, they alone give 250% of the experience you would have gained if you had buried your bones. They have 2 burners, one on each side. Each type of burner gives 50% bonus XP in Prayer if they are lit by a Tinderbox and Clean marrentills (purchasable from the Grand Exchange in Varrock) requiring level 30 Fire making. So overall, it is a total of 350% bonus XP in Prayer! Lit burners last between 2 minutes 10 seconds and 4 minutes 20 seconds depending on the Fire making level of who lit the burner. They are usually lit by hosts nowadays, so you do not need to worry about bringing a Tinderbox and Clean marrentills. All you need to bring is your bones.

Exp. Per type of bone at the Altar

big-bonesBig bones give 52.5 XP.
baby-dragonBabydragon bones give 105 XP.
dragon-bonesDragon bones give 252 XP.
lava-dragonLava dragon bones give 297.5 XP.
dagannothDagannoth bones give 437.5 XP.
superiorSuperior dragon bones give 525 XP.

You can always find a house with a Gilded Altar in world 330 in Rimmington, they won’t charge you anything for using it but hostesses always accept donations.
You can bring all your bones since by Right clicking your bones, click "Use", and then click Phials NPC in Rimmington general store to un-note your bones at 5 coins per bones.

Ensouled Heads

For this method you will need a magic level depending on the monster you want reanimate, also you will need 60% of Arceuus House Favor
Ensouled heads are items that can be dropped by their respective monsters. These heads can be reanimated by using the appropriate spell within the Arceuus spellbook on the head. Each reanimated monster killed will give the player Prayer experience, with increasing experience as the Magic requirement to reanimate the monster increases.
That’s why you should make sure you could handle the reanimated monster by having the according combat stats to defeat it.
The reanimation spells can be cast anywhere across Gielinor only if the ensouled head is obtained as a drop from the respective monster, and using it within a certain time frame in the area. The spell must be cast on the head when it is on the ground; if you pick it up and cast the spell in your inventory, you will get the message stating to go to the Dark Altar to do that. Dropping the ensouled head after picking it up results in the same message.
Players may also send ensouled heads straight to the bank by using a charge of the Soul bearer, a reward from completing the Bear your Soul miniquest.
If you get your ensouled heads by purchasing them at the Grand Exchange or waited too long before casting the reanimation spell then you won’t be able to summon the reanimated monster, you will need to do it near a Dark altar

By the way this method is so much cheaper than Bones if you train with monkey head it will only take you 35m to reach level 99 with 33k Exp per hours while if you use Dragon bones you will spent 120m to Level 99 but with a big difference in time 250k Exp per Hour.
Hope you guys liked it, make sure to always have a decent Prayer level; it will boost your Character in lots of ways!

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