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OSRS Newbie Guide: Ardougne Diary Made Easy.

Greetings Players!
Today we have brought to you, this beneficial guide for everyone starting at RuneScape or just have the desire to accomplish this diary.
The Ardougne diary is a set of achievements relating to Ardougne and its surrounding.
Since we are doing only the easy part of the dairy we are going to need the following items:

Items Needed

rusty-swordRusty Sword (Obtainable from H.A.M members which are located in the H.A.M hideout, northwest of Lumbridge)

Coins_detail A hundred gp (100 per each Rusty sword)

silk Silk (Get it from Grand Exchange or Silk trader)

Besides the items there are two quest that are required:
*Runes masteries
Plus Level 5 of thieving

The Process

Alright to complete this diary we need to do 10 tasks which are really simple nothing that long and boring, read carefully step by step.
Our first task is Have Wizard Cromperty teleport you to the Rune essence mine. Let’s go to the north east of Arg marked to the blue tiled Building, right click and press teleport to the Rune Essence mine, get out with any portals and you are done, first task complete (Note that you need runes masteries quest done).

Alright, get back to the Ardougne market, the next task is to steal a cake from the stalls located at the East, wait until the guards move away or you can just quickly steal and tank a hit.(Level 5 thieving required)
Now let’s move to the southern part of the market and talk with the silk trader, this task consists in selling our silk to him, Press first the third option 120 coins, then ‘’I’ll do it for 60’’, and taraaan completed.
Make sure to bank everything that you don’t want to lose since one of the tasks is to visit level 51 Wilderness.
Go west and the first building that you see enter and right click the NPC Probita, presses Check and task completed!
Activate any prayer skill, because you are going to need the points reduced then just go to the church north of Probita’s building, pray to the Altar and another task will be completed.
Next let’s go west and now we will need to go to the combat training arena (unlocked by completing the Biohazard quest), it’s the first big building just north of west Ardougne, west of the Chaos druid Dungeon, once you are there open the gates and let’s go back outside. Pufff task completed.
Now return to East Ardougne, you are going to pull the lever to level 51 wilderness so make sure to bank all the important items including the Rusty swords, this lever is located south of the rat catchers mini game sign.
Once we’ve done that and got our achievement done pull the lever back to Ardougne and use you mini game teleport to fishing Trawler, run to south from there, we are going to reach Yannel and visit the Hunter shop which is located west of the wizard guild, south of the mill. There you will find two NPC trade Aleck, close the shop and Cha-Chaaan task completed.
There are only two more Tasks to complete; we will need to get back to fishing trawler make sure to bring some stamina potions for the running, fishing trawler is located east of the fighting arena in Port Khazard.
Now get to the bank and grab your rusty sword and the Gp for each one it then go south to the southern dock get to the most eastern NPC, talk to Tindel don’t right click and press give sword, make sure to talk and click the fourth option, sometimes right clicking doesn’t complete the task
After completing Tindel task go to the northern docks, take the second dock north and get onto the boat.
At this point you need to be a little patient or do something else… go pee answer you girlfriend whatsapp (Joke you ugly af and a loner LOL) After the boat has left the docks wait till it’s completely filled with water and we get warped out of there. FINAL TASK D-O-N-E.
When you get warped somewhere near tower of life you just need to run to the Inn North of the Ardougne Castle to claim our…. REWARD YEAH!

At inn talk to Two-Pints she will give you and Antique Lamp which gives you 2,500 exp in any skill that you like as long it is level 30 or higher you will also be awarded with Ardougne Cloak 1.

Pros of doing this diary

The Ardougne Cloak is a really good low level thing to go after, specially to the teleport they give you, the Ardoung Cloak gives you an unlimited teleport to the Monastery, which leaves you in the other side of White Wolf Montain, until you get like level 45 in magic to teleport to Camelot, this cloak also gives you 10% change reduction of getting caught while thieving from stalls, so I really recommend doing this in low levels since the requirements are really low and the teleport gives you access to the whole western side of the map in general.
Hope you guys liked it and found it really useful!

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