OSRS Money Making: Exchanging mole parts


  • 2000 x Mole claw (11,804,000)
  • 4000 x Mole skin (19,360,000)


  • 6000 x Bird nest (18,762,000)
  • 11.9 x Magic seed (2,314,661)
  • 23.7 x Yew seed (2,011,943)
  • 23.7 x Torstol seed (1,512,166)
  • 23.7 x Snapdragon seed (996,822)
  • 23.7 x Ranarr seed (884,221)
  • 23.7 x Spirit seed (Not tradable)

Wyson the gardener in Falador park will exchange noted mole claws and mole skins for boxes containing bird nests. These nests may contain various seeds and pieces of jewellery. Emptying the nests and selling these items can be profitable.
To begin, buy mole claws and mole skins on the Grand Exchange. Bring these items (in noted form) to Wyson the gardener who will exchange them for nest boxes. Around 60% of nest boxes received will be seed nests, 25% will be jewellery nests, and 15% will be empty nests.

Take these boxes to a bank and in the bank deposit interface, right-click each box to deposit their contents directly into your bank. Then, begin the click-intensive process of separating the seeds and jewellery from the nests. For seed nests withdraw 16 at a time, for jewellery nests withdraw 14 at a time. Expect to open between 4000 to 6000 nests per hour.

Please note that mole claws and mole skins have a relatively low buying limit (50 for each). It will take roughly 10 days to buy 6000 mole parts.

The expected loot per mole part exchanged is 5,339, meaning the average profit per part is 145. Players can also crush the nests for additional profit.

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