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OSRS Quest Guide: Priest in Peril


Welcome to one of our awesome guides, hope you guys had found them useful so far!
Today we are going to teach you guys how to do the Priest In Peril quest which is one of the requirement for Animal Magnetism, Nature Spirit(Fairy rings),Recipe for disaster, Dragon Slayer II and others really important quest in whole Runescape World!
So guys for this quest we need the following items and abilities:

50 Runes Essence (Pure or normal, not noted)
Ability to defeat a level 30 Monster
Teleport to Varrock
Food (if you are really low level)
Essence Pouches (they can reduce the number of trips taken to deliver the Rune essence)
Stamina Potion (In case you don’t have any Varrock Teleport Method)

Starting the quest

To Start this quest we need be at Varrock Palace then talk to King Roald, He tells you that a priest named Drezel lives to the east and has blocked the passage from Misthalin to Morytania. He also says Drezel, the priest that works there, hasn't got in touch with him for a while, and wants you to go check on him. Accept his order (such an offer right? How can you resist to that)

To get to the monastery, exit Varrock out of its east exit; follow the road north until you hit a dead end. From there, go east again until you hit a wooden gate. Go through and follow the road. You will eventually end up at the monastery (you have to walk a quite long way). Knock on the doors


Someone will ask what you want and who you are. Tell them you are sent by King Roald. After some whispering they will ask you to kill a dog, agree to it.

Killing the Dog

Go north of the monastery to find the Mausoleum
Climb down the trap door and you will find a dog-like creature called Temple
Guardian (Level 30).


Kill the dog and leave the Mausoleum via the ladder. (Magic attacks do not work on him).
Report back to the door. You will be greeted with laughter and they will tell you to go talk to King Roald about the dog’s death.
Now use one of you Varrock Teleport or walk you way back to the King he will be FURIOUS because guess what, you have just killed the dog that guards the entrance to Morytania (nice one fool). He will send you back to the Monastery.

Back to the Monastery.

Remember to bring the bucket, runes for Varrock teleport and some weapon(you can use you pouches here to bring more rune essence) oh bring max capacitie of rune essence of course.

Once at the monastery, the doors swing open when you attempt to Knock.
You need a key so kill one of the monks (I know right morals and all that) so kill one of the monks and get your key

After receiving the key, go to the top floor using the stairs, then climbing the ladder in the southwest corner, and use the talk-through option found on the cell door to talk to Drezel. Ask him to tell you about the holy river.


He will tell you how he was locked up by the Zamorakians monks and how Morytania is full of evil, how Varrock used to be ruled by evil and how the seven priests battled the evil creatures. He will also say that the River Salve, blessed by Saradomin, prevents evil from entering again. Then, he will tell you that Saradomin's presence is weakening in Misthalin due to the creatures in Morytania polluting the Salve River. Then you must agree to help Drezel in foiling the evil plot.

Next, go down the trap door into the dungeon. With the golden key in your inventory, you can pass through the gate in the Paterdomus dungeon where the guardian was located earlier. After traversing the path, you will see some monuments. Study them; you will notice one of them has an iron key in it. Use the golden key on it to swap keys. After obtaining the iron key, use your bucket on the well to fill it with murky water.


Lastly go back to Drezel he will will inform you that the coffin that is near to the cell contains a vampire that will kill him if he goes around it.
Ask Drezel to bless the water in the bucket, pour the bucket of blessed water on the coffin, trapping the vampire within. Then talk to him again and he will tell you to meet him in the Dungeon.


Return to the dungeon's monument room, and then go through the gate past it. You will find Drezel there, Talk to him, He tells you he will need 50 rune essence or pure essence. Note that Drezel will not take noted essence! When you bring the unnoted essence, talk to him again, and give them to him. You can use more than one trip to bring Drezel the 50 essence(of course you will) .

When you are done doing that, the quest is finally over!

Concluding Tips

By doing this quest we open the access to Canifis, there you will find Werewolves in human form using the Wolf Bane dagger you will keep them in their human form if you use another weapon they will turn into level 88 werewolf
Gives you access to important quest like Animal magnetism and Nature Spirit.
If you ever lose you Wolf bane dagger ask Drezel and he will give you another one.
This quest gives Prayer exp so think about it if you are pure.

Hope you guys like it!
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