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OSRS Guide: Nature Spirit

Heyo Everyone!

Today we are going to do one of the last quests required to start the Fairy Rings, hope you guys liked all the quest guides we have brought to you so far.
Also Nature Spirit helps you on quests like Recipe for Disaster and In Search of the Myreque
Let’s get on to this awesome adventure together, to start and accomplish the quest we need some items and stats, here is the list:
Completion of the following quests: (Visit our blogs to see how to accomplish if you hadn’t done them)

  • Priest in Peril

  • The Restless Ghost

  • 18 Crafting (in order to create a Silver sickle if the player does not possess one) Or just buy one common at Grand exchange

  • A Ghostspeak amulet (remember the one you have all dusty in the bank)

  • Any weapon

Starting the quest

Talk to Drezel, where you left him at the end of Priest in Peril(beside the holy barrier to Morytania, under the temple). Drezel will give you three meat pies and three apple pies to take to Filliman Tarlock.
He'll warn you about ghasts that will rot your food. Do not worry about this since you don't actually end up giving Filliman the food. Go south-east after exiting the temple.
After you've talked with Drezel, head through the portal and into Morytania. Go a bit south-east until you reach the swamp gate with Ulizius outside it. Walk through the gate (ignore the warning), and go as far south (and slightly west) as you can. You should see an island.
You will find ghasts in the swamp, which are barely visible spirits that will attempt to rot your food. They often miss, and if you run out of food, they will hit damage on you. You also lose about 3 health at random times when in the swamp. This will not happen on Filliman's island or in Filliman's Grotto. Jump across the broken bridge to the grotto. You may lose upwards of 7 health trying to get across this.

Helping Filliman

Go to the southern side of the island. Attempt to enter the grotto and Filliman Tarlock will appear. Try speaking with him and he will only speak gibberish.
It turns out that he has died and is now a ghost, so put your Amulet of ghost speak on and talk to him. When talking with Filliman try to convince him that he's a ghost, and he won't believe you.
Now pick up the washing bowl on the table to the west of Filliman, and under that you should find a mirror, pick it up and use it on Filliman. He will now believe that he is in fact a ghost.
Filliman will tell you that he wants to become a Nature Spirit, but he needs your help to complete the transformation. He will give you a spell scroll that you can use to cast a Bloom spell.

The Puzzle

Now Filliman needs his Journal, so search the Grotto Tree to find it, and then use it with him. He remembers that he wants to become a Nature Spirit, and he needs you to find 3 things:

Something with faith; Head back to Drezel and have him bless you when you done that come back to Filliman and he will say “when I look at you, there does seem to be something of the faith about you."


Something from nature; now go back into the swamp and cast the Bloom spell next to a log to get a piece of Mort Myre Fungi with the Silver sickle equipped or in your inventory. He will tell you that the Mushroom is something of nature; So deep right?


Something of the spirit-to-become freely given; the used spell card is the Something of the spirit to become freely given.

To prepare the spell:

Use the Fungi on the Nature stone - West
Use the used Druid Spell on the Spirit stone - East
You stand on the Faith stone – South

Killing the Ghast

Speak with Filliman and tell him that you know what the puzzle is. He casts the spell and tells you to go inside the Grotto. He then tells you to get a Silver Sickle for him to bless, as well as a Druid Pouch. Craft a Silver Sickle and bring it back to the Nature Spirit. He blesses it the Sickle, tells you how to kill a Ghast, and that you need to kill 3 of them.


Go out into the swamp and cast the Bloom spell from the Sickle next to a log. Pick the Fungi that grows, and fill the pouch with 3 of them.

After you have three Fungi in the pouch, a level 50 Ghast will appear. Kill three of them and then visit the Nature Spirit again. He will cast another spell, and the Grotto will transform into an Altar of Nature.
Remember you done need to use the Sickle to kill the ghast, use a better weapon instead.



2,000 Defence XP
2,000 Constitution XP
3,000 Crafting XP
A silver sickle (b)
You will be allowed to use the Nature Spirit altar which gives you an extra +2 prayer points when you pray at it.
2 Treasure Hunter keys
Quest points: 2

So guys hope you liked this guide, always remember if you are a pure account consider the xp reward on defence.

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