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OSRS Guide: Lost City.

Hello guys!

The Lost city, oh the lost city…You guys may think this is just another quest on the list; well you guys are totally WRONG.
This quest is one of the required to unlock the Fairy rings, by giving us access to Zanaris (The Lost city; yeah I know lol)
It unlocks types of Dragons weapons for us so we could be capable to wear them (Long sword and dagger)
Also here, we are going to obtain our Dramen Staff, which Is the one we use to Teleport every time we use a fairy ring , make sure to get 2 more Dramen Branch and save them if you guys ever want to do The Fremennik Trials or freeing Sir Amik Varze in Recipe for Disaster.

So if you think you have the required to find the lost city; this is what you are going to need:

• Level 31 of crafting
• Level 36 Woodcutting
• Ability to defeat a level 101 Tree Spirit with limited armor and weapons (If you are going melee I recommend some prayer potions since the dungeon reduce the Prayer points)
• A Knife
• Woodcutting Axe
• Level 39 magic to cast Crumble Undead Spell Tree spirit is weak to this spell.
• Runes for teleporting out of entrana/Fighting the monsters
• Food as many you can
• If you are going to Range the tree Bring and unstrung Bow and String so you can make one inside
• Lumbridge Teleport

Starting the quest

Make sure to bring your woodcutting axe with you, then head into the Lumbridge Swamps then head into the Lumbridge Swamp.

Go to the northwest corner of the swamp to find a Warrior, an Archer, a Wizard, and a Monk standing around a camp-fire.


Talk to the warrior, and ask him, "What are you camped out here for?" He will let it slip that he is searching for the greatest city Ever Zanaris! (not that excited but yea). Ask him, "Who's Zanaris?", and then, "If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it? “Lastly, say, "Looks like you don't know either," and in his anger, he will accidentally reveal that there is a leprechaun hiding in a nearby tree who knows how to get to Zanaris.

Head west, and look for a tree that only has a "Chop" option instead of a "Chop-down" option. Click on the tree, and a leprechaun named Shamus will pop out. Ask him how to get to Zanaris, and he will tell you that you need a Dramen staff. To get this, you will need to chop down a tree inside of the Entrana Dungeon.

Island of Entrana

Now you have to go to Port Sarim and talk to the Monks of Entrana. They will only take you to Entrana if you have no weapons or armour with you, otherwise they will turn you away. Prepare yourself at Draynor Village bank with food and bolt spell runes. You can also bring arrows and fletching materials to the island and make a bow to fight the Tree Spirit with. You can also bring crafting materials to create leather armour.
When you enter the dungeon, your prayer will be reduced to nearly 0. If you aren't safe spotting, it's suggested that you bring at least one prayer potion to counteract the effect.

Once on Entrana, go North-East. Once you cross the bridge go west to the ladder. Go down the ladder. Kill some zombies until you get a woodcutting axe. It doesn't matter what type.

Turn right at the Greater Demons, not straight ahead. You will see a great tree in the middle of the room.

Attempt to cut it down and a Tree Spirit (Level 101) will appear.
You must kill it on your own. It is best to use a bolt spell and try to hide behind the mushrooms to prevent damage.
If you don't have runes, you will have to use your woodcutting axe you received from the zombies to kill it.
If you are going to range it bring the materials to build you Bow and around 400 arrows to be sure.
Remember this: Do not go through the magical door to the east, it takes you to level 32 Wilderness.

When you have killed the Tree Spirit, chop off a branch of the Dramen tree. Use a knife on the branch to get the Dramen staff and use Home teleport to get back to Lumbridge. Go to Lumbridge swamp and back to the adventurers. Walk south-east and you will find a little house, somewhat like a broom closet.
Walk in there with your Dramen staff equipped and you will be teleported to Zanaris (The Lost City).


Completing this quest award us 3 Quest points and what I told you guys before Ability to wield Dragon Long sword and Dagger besides we could be able to make Cosmic Runes with Rune crafting Skill
One requirement less for Fairy Rings because we also need Nature Spirit Quest.
Also this is required for Slaying Master Chaeldar which is level 70 Combat .

Hope you guys like it!
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