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OSRS Guide: Fairytale II - Cure a Queen Part II

Heyo Players!

I know I know… the end of part I was just traumatic, don’t worry about it; I’ll explain to you guys how to Save the queen and of course finish the quest. Now let’s find out how The god father attacked the Queen and solve the plot!
(If you are reading this make sure to visit our part I which finish until you unlock the Fairy rings, this part if for those whom want to finish the Quest and earn the respective Reward)
Alright guys for the Part II we actually do need some requirements, here is the list:
• Ability to defeat a level 145 monster without Prayer(Prayer skills doesn’t work on the Gorak)
• 40 Thieving
• 49 Farming
• 57 Herblore

So starting where we left it at part I

Finding the Fairy Queen’s Hideout


Use the ring coordinates "AIR". You will be transported to a small island, south of Witchaven.

Return to Zanaris and enter the coordinates "DLR". You will appear on a small island in the middle of the Poison Waste, west of the Castle Wars arena.

Enter the coordinates "DJQ". This time, you will be appear only a few of feet away from the main Fairy Ring where and you make remark about the power of fairy magic
Walk back to the ring and enter the coordinates AJS. This sequence of coordinates will take you to the Fairy Queen's hideout.

By the way always have Nuff's certificate in your inventory when using the Fairy Rings or you will not be able to reach the hideout, also bring your Dramen/Lunar Staff(I know why I said this even if it is obvious)


At the Hideout

You'll find yourself in another part of Zanaris. Head up the pathway and go east, into a hospital-looking room. Fairy Nuff will be in there, talk to her. She tells how the Fairy Godfather has been trying to take over Zanaris, and how the queen was moved to safety. A "Fairy Very Wise" figure will appear and get upset at you for "helping" the Godfather. They will ask you to pickpocket the Queen's secateurs from the Fairy Godfather. After talking with her, take the Fairy Ring back to Zanaris.

Head back to Zanaris, and pickpocket the Fairy Godfather. This requires level 40 thieving to be completed successfully.


Make sure you do that from behind or the side, so that his henchmen are not looking directly at you. If you fail, you will be teleported outside Zanaris.
A quick way to get back to Zanaris, is necklace of passage to Wizards Tower, there's a fairy ring directly behind the tower.(if you fail of course)

Magic Essence

She will then tell you to make a Magic essence potion and to use it on the Fairy Queen since the secateurs didn’t work completely at the moment of rejuvenate the Queen. To make a Magic essence potion, you will need a Star flower and Gorak claw powder.


Star Flower


To get the Star Flower, use the fairy ring to go to CKP. Look around for some Flowers that are fully grown, because they grow and die quickly, and pick it(49 Farming needed), and add your harvest to the vial of water (57 Herblore)

Gorack Claw


Use the ring to get back to Zanaris. Go to the bank and fill your ass with the best weapons and food you may need to battle a Gorak (level 145). Remember prayer won’t work so better be careful.


When you're ready use the coordinates DIR. As soon as you step out of the fairy
ring, the Goraks will attack you.

Finishing the quest

Use the codes again to get back to the Fairy Queen's hideout. Talk to Fairy Nuff with all supplies in your inventory.

Use the Star flower with the Vial of water to make a Magic essence.
Grind the Gorak claws with your Pestle and mortar, and add the Gorak claw powder to the Magic essence to create a Magic essence potion.

Talk with Fairy Nuff again, then proceed to use the potion on the Fairy Queen.
Use the potion on the Fairy Queen and then talk to her about the Godfather taking over.




So for completing the quest we finally get THE FAIRY RINGS after so much work(so happy)
A Skill Lamp which gives 2,500 Exp. to any skill above level 30
3,500 Herblore Exp.
2,500 Thieving Exp.
2 Quest Points

Hope you guys liked it, visit our Fairy rings guide so you can see all the combinations and locations!

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