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OSRS Guide: Fairytale I - Growing Pains

Heyo everyone!

Guess what? We have finally reached this Quest line, The Fairy tale I (thanks god) this quest is the one which is going to finally give us access to the Fairy Ring System explained in one of our past blogs, don’t be scare at all it is really easy and with me you amazing blogger I’m going to make it even easier, hehe yea I rock I know.
I imagine you guys did the quest required for this one, here is the list:

  • Lost City
  • Nature Spirit
  • The Restless Ghost
  • Priest in Peril

Visit of blogs for each quest, if you hadn’t done them.

So this Quest is about that recently, farmers around RuneScape have been noticing some trouble with their farming patches. They just don't seem to have the same yields as before. What could be the source of this malady? (Bla and bla)
We are going to need a few requirements and items by this far I don’t think you guys are noobs anymore, or if you are belive me, you won’t be after deafeating a level 111 Tanglefoot, LET’S GET TO IT!

Items required:

  • Secateurs (obtainable during quest )
  • The Draynor skull (obtained during quest)
  • A spade (obtainable multiple times during quest)
  • A ghostspeak amulet (Check our reckless Ghost guide if you don’t have it)
  • A Dramen or Lunar staff
  • Any combination of three items, see blessed secateurs for the item list.(I’ll give you the list don’t worry)
  • Bring some Teleports to Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge
    Droid Pouches
  • A Kharyrll teleport, Ectophial, Salve graveyard teleport or barrows teleport(for travelling to the Nature Spirit)
  • If you guys have full rune and around 50 atk/Str you should be fine at the moment of killing tangle Foot, I also recommend to use Protection to Melee Prayer skill.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village market and you'll learn that he has a big problem to worry about.
Ask him if there is anything you can help with. He will inform you about the decreased yield on his Mister Lincoln rose bushes. Martin suspects that they are diseased and tells you that not only his crops have been affected. Almost every other gardener seems to have the same problem.

When he asks you if have noticed a drop in your yield, inform him that you are having the same issues. Martin will then request that you find out what is causing the problem and to deal with it.

Talking to the Farmers

Talk to 5 gardners near the patches of your choice and ask them if they are a member of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. Each one will give you a different explanation for the problem. The 5th gardner will say that it is the work of the fairies.
• Frizzy Skernip - Spirit tree patch in Port Sarim
• Elstan - South Falador allotment patch(He sells secateurs for 5 coins)
• Fayeth - Lumbridge tree patch
• Dreven - Champions' Guild bush patch (you can use your combat bracelet)
• Heskel - Falador Park tree patch

Return to Martin and mention the theories you have heard from the gardners. He thinks that the story about the fairies is most likely to have happened and asks you to talk to a fairy.

Leave Draynor Village and head into the Lumbridge Swamp. Equip the Dramen/Lunar staff and travel to the city of Zanaris by entering the shed in the center of the swamp.


Saving the Queen

Once inside the city, walk south to the throne room. Talk to the Fairy Godfather and ask him where the Fairy Queen is.
He will inform you that she, the guardian of the Fairy world, is sick. The Godfather will explain to you that she became sick during her fight with Tanglefoot.
He will then direct you to Fairy Nuff, who is taking care of the Fairy Queen.
To find the queen, head west and go to the room to the north of the bank. Talk to Fairy Nuff, and she'll tell you the details of the queen's illness and give you a list to take to a wizard named Zandar Horfyre.

The research

Zandar Horfyre is located in the top floor of the Dark Wizards' Tower west of Falador. Speak with him and he'll take the symptoms list. He suggests that you seek a necromancer named Malignius Mortifer, who had fought Tanglefoot long time ago.
He can be found east of the Crafting Guild and directly south of Falador, along with a few elemental wizards. Talk to him, and he'll tell you he could probably help, but he wants something from you first.
He wants a Draynor skull from a grave near Draynor Manor. Go to the north side of the manor (inside the fence surrounding it), and you'll find a grave. Use your spade to dig while standing on the grave to get the skull. A spade also respawns in the easternmost room in the manor (in case you don’t have one)


Magic Secateurs

The 3 required items differ from player to player (see list below for all possible items). Ghasts that reside in the swamp have the ability to rot any food that you are carrying. If one of the items is a piece of food, then it is advised to bring a Druid pouch to protect yourself against the attacks of these Ghasts.

Clean avantoe, Baby dragon bones, Blue Dragon Scale, Charcoal, Crushed gemstone, Edible seaweed, Fat snail, Grapes, Clean irit leaf, Jangerberries, Jogre bones, King worm, Lime, Mort myre fungi, Mort Myre mushroom, Mort myre pear, Mort myre stem, Nature talisman, Potato cactus, Proboscis, Raw Cave eel, Red spiders eggs, Red vine worm, Raw Slimey Eel, Snapdragon, Snape grass, Supercompost, Uncut diamond, Uncut ruby, Unopened oyster, Valencia moss, and White berries.

When you have gathered all of the required items, head to small circular island in southwestern corner of the Mort Myre swamp. Jump across the bridge and enter the grotto. Equip the Ghostspeak amulet and ask the Nature Spirit to enchant the Secateurs. He will perform the ritual and give you the Magic secateurs. (ONLY 3 ITEMS NOT THE WHOLE LIST)


The secateurs will be now green.

The Tanglefoot


For this step make sure to bring your food and weapon, your damage will be based on your farming level with the secateurs (if you farm weed you will be fine) also the killing hit is the one that has to come from secateurs which means you can switch weapons.
Head to the Cosmic Altar located south of Zanaris (Near the shady grove) and enter the shady grove to the west of it. Follow the path, ignoring the Baby tanglefeet (Level 45), until you come to a large room. Wield the Magic secateurs and attack Tanglefoot (level 111). When defeated it will drop the Queen's secateurs.
Once you kill the Tanglefoot, it will drop the Queen's secateurs. Take the secateurs back to Fairy Godfather to complete the quest.

BOOYAH Congratulations!

‘’wait what and the fairy rings?’’ Hope to see you in the part II there we will unlock the Fairy Rings as teleportation method!
Oh right the reward..From this quest is;
• 2 quest points
• 3500 Farming Exp.
• 2000 Attack Exp.
• 1000 Magic Exp.
• Magic secateurs (when equipped, they increase the number of vegetables, herbs or hops harvested by 10%)

Hope you guys like it, See you in part II!

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