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Osrs Guide: Ava’s Device

Heyo Players!

Lately i’m been feeling a REALLY big hole in my pocket training Range from buying arrows, like seriously I spend like 4k Arrows and don’t even get 50% Exp of my current ranger level so I imagine you guys may be suffering of this like me
But today I bring the solution to all our problems, let’s all stop being such noobs spending all our Gp on arrows, picking them from the floor and selling to other people (Most profitable money maker ever, don’t judge me) So guys leaving a side that I pick up arrows from the floor (dam I’m so poor)… Guess what, THERE’S A SERIES OF DEVICES THAT ACTUALLY BRING A % OF OUR ARROWS BACK which is going to make us save a lot of money also give us minerals, arrows and other items.

Ava's device

Ava's devices are a series of devices that are obtained from Ava, requiring at least the initial quest Animal Magnetism.
Depending on our Range level we are going to be capable to upgrade the Device. There are 3 Ava’s Device

Ava's attractor

Ava's attractor is an item awarded to the player by completing the quest Animal Magnetism if the player is below level 50 Ranged.

It is equipped in the cape slot, and picks up arrows, bolts, darts and knives, as well as having a ranged attack bonus. It also generates iron arrows into the player's arrow slot. It also provides 2+ Attack on Range.

The attractor won't work when metal torso armour is worn, as this causes 'interference'.

After you get level 50 Ranged, by providing 75 steel arrows and some Money to Ava’s he will upgrade it to…

Ava's accumulator

This one is definitely makes us save money!
The accumulator, like the attractor, can pick up a player's ammunition after they fire it. The accumulator also randomly attracts metal items (steel arrows, darts and knives, iron ore, toy mice, steel med helms and iron nails; yea I know some junk) into the player's inventory.

If the player's inventory is full, the attracted item will be dropped at their feet. The device will not pick up objects while you are wearing a metal platebody or chainbody with a negative Ranged attack bonus, as the metal armour interferes with the magnetic function of the accumulator.

This one provides 4+ Attack bonus on Range besides 4+ Def on Magic

amazing Recovery rate

The breakdown of the ammo recovery rate is;
Break on impact: 20%
Drop onto floor: 8%
Recovered automatically: 72%
So after you reach level 70 on Range you can upgrade this awesome device by paying 5000 gold, 75 mithril arrows and a Vorkath’s Head, also need completion of Dragon Slayer II to even a greater one which is...

Ava's assembler

This one is the most powerful It provides the best in slot ranged attack bonus for the cape slot (+8), as well as being the only cape slot item that provides a ranged strength bonus(+2).
Can randomly gather mithril ranged items (even give us profit).

It also has an 80% chance of saving ammunition compared to the accumulator's 72%. Due to the remaining 20% being the chance for ammunition to break, the assembler does not drop ammo on the ground.

Hope you guys found it really useful, we will be uploading the quest required to get this Device some of them are already on the website(Priest in Peril and the Restless Ghost) feel free to visit our blogs Section!

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