Old School RuneScape's 5th Birthday

Today, Old School RuneScape becomes another year older. In celebration of this monumental achievement, this week sees the release of our 5th Birthday event for you all to partake in and enjoy! Alongside that, Jagex has lots of updates from all three of the recent PvM, Skilling and PvP polls as part of QoL month.

5th Birthday Event

Happy birthday to OSRS! Happy birthday to OSRS! Another year older, another year wiser (you'd hope). Old School RuneScape is five years old today, and in celebration of this monumental achievement Jagex has a special event for you to enjoy in-game! This is a very large newspost this week, so for your benefit: the first half of this post will be dedicated to our 5th birthday, and the second half of this post will be dedicated to detailing the QoL updates.

Help Jagex in celebrating 5 years of Old School RuneScape by heading to the Falador Party room. There you will meet Da Vinci, who by chance, requires some assistance with finishing his painting! The event will remain in-game until the 15th March, giving you plenty of time to lend a helping hand and grab yourself some new holiday rewards!


Here's to the next 5 years!


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