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OSRS Newbie Guide: Graceful Set

Heyo Players!
We all know that starting off in a game is a really hard thing to do, many questions come to us like ‘’what do I do first’’, ‘’which items are the best and most beneficial for me’’; Well today we have brought to you guys what could be one of the most useful sets in Runescape not only for the start, it will help you through all your journey, since the benefits are just awesome for anything in the Rune World.
Alright Cha-chaaan The Graceful Set

‘Why should I get this set?’

This set will help you in anything you could do in this game whether bossing, questing, farming, mostly everything that involves running (even running from pks(player killers)) but try to not use this in the wild zone, just a tip. Having full graceful is going to make it all that easier.
This is one of you first goals, since for the moment you finish getting it, you will be allowed to use a lot of the shortcuts in the game that most of the low levels can’t, increasing you efficiency of moving around the whole map.
Some benefits are:
It will help our fat asses to do our entire task in Runescape since it is a weight reducing outfit that is obtainable through the Agility Skill.
You guys may say, how can help me that? Well The graceful Set once it is worn the user will generate their run Energy 30% faster than normal (See told you, best set ever)

‘Wow, nice! How can I obtain it?’

This set can be bought from Grace found in the Rogue’s Den beneath the Toad and Chicken in Buthrope, the whole set cost 260 marks of grace which can be obtainable by doing the rooftop agility courses, you get by just pressing objectives or crossing obstacles

Agility Course/Level

By the time you get all those marks you will be less than level 60 in agility, so yea it doesn’t really take much time.
For training/farming the marks here is a small guide of agility courses:
1-10 - The Gnome agility course
10-20 - Draynor village agility course
21-30 - Al Kharid Agility course
31-40 - Varrock Agility course
40+ - Canopus rooftop agility course (highest drop rate or marks, you can expect to collect an average of 15 marks/hour)

Parts of the set
Here you can notice each part of the set, how it reduces the weight and the cost.

Concluding Tips

So guys!
It is better to get this set right away when starting playing because the chance of receiving marks of grace on courses that are 20 levels under a player's Agility level is decreased to 20% of the original rate. This is a really important thing to know.
Also you guys might know that other gear in game offers more weight reduction but having this set give you the bonus I explained before although that there is no benefit from a 0 kg character, you always use the same energy while running.
So to finish this awesome visit, appreciate the set if you get it, the amount of time you use to farm the marks will be all lost if you die since the game gives low priority to the set items at the moment of dying, sucks right?
Till the next time hope you guys liked it!


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