Fossil Island Improvements

Mini-task list
A mini-task list has been added to the archaeologists’ camp, documenting your exploration of Fossil Island. Completion of these tasks will reward you with additional fossils to start your display case. Some of the actions on the mini-task list were already being tracked in the game; you’ll find these have been ticked off for you already, getting you a start towards claiming Peter’s extra fossils. The task-list can be accessed via the noticeboard located immediately next to the General Store.

Birdhouse changes
Dismantling birdhouses will now return the clockwork used to build the birdhouse. This will apply to the seeded birdhouse before it begins catching anything, and will apply if you dismantle the birdhouse before the seed supply is exhausted, however in these two cases no other item will be returned. You will not be able to dismantle the birdhouse if you don't have space for the clockwork.

All tiers of birdhouses can now hold up to 10 birds, with higher-tier birdhouses yielding increased chance of nests and seeds.

Higher tiers of birdhouse have been introduced for Maple, Mahogany, Yew, Magic, and Redwood logs.

  • Maple birdhouses require level 45 Crafting to build and 44 Hunter to use, yielding 35 Crafting XP
  • Mahogany birdhouses require level 50 Crafting to build and 49 Hunter to use, yielding 40 Crafting XP
  • Yew birdhouses require level 60 Crafting to build and 59 Hunter to use, yielding 45 Crafting XP
  • Magic birdhouses require level 75 Crafting to build and 74 Hunter to use, yielding 50 Crafting XP
  • Redwood birdhouses require level 90 Crafting to build and 89 Hunter to use, yielding 55 Crafting XP


Changes to underwater Agility and Thieving
The underwater Agility and Thieving activity no longer rewards players directly with both Agility and Thieving XP. The activity will now yield Glistening mermaid tears. Glistening mermaid tears can be traded with Mairin for XP of the player's choice: Agility, Thieving, or a combination of the two. You may not cash in more than 700 tears at a time. Attempting to exchange more than 700 tears will result in the surplus tears being discarded. Mairin will warn you of this once you obtain a Glistening mermaid tear and you already have 695 or more.

**Drift net fishing **
Ceto will now allow players permanent access to an instanced drift net area for a one-off fee of 20,000 numulites.

A new mermaid has been added to the drift net cave. She can hold on to your spare drift nets to help you save space. She will accept noted and unnoted drift nets, and can store up to 2000 nets. Nets are returned only in unnoted form.

The collection screen for fish caught in your drift net now displays an option to bank your whole catch for a cost of 5 numulite. Puffer fish are not bankable. No numulite will be taken if banking isn't successful (should you not have any fish you're able to bank).

**Fossil Island Wyvern changes **
Fossil wyverns and Ancient wyverns have had their defence levels lowered:

Fossil wyverns' Defence levels are decreasing from 120 (which matches Skeletal wyverns) to 90.
Ancient wyverns' Defence levels are decreasing from 220 to 150.
Players can now purchase a task block option via the Slayer rewards menu which will stop Slayer masters from assigning Fossil wyvern tasks. This option costs 500 Slayer points and can be toggled via the Slayer rewards menu to disable and re-enable the assignment (you will not need to pay the fee again. The reason for this seemingly high cost is that it's a one-off purchase for a block which has a toggle option, and it doesn't take up one of your existing block spaces.


Mycelium pool balancing
The chemical process used to calcify fossils into enriched bones is now completed at a 1:1 ratio of Calcite to Pyrophospite. If you're interested in how it used to work, read on. Previously there was a 1/3 chance of calcium being deducted, alongside a separate 1/3 chance of deducting phosphate. This means there was a 1/9 chance that both would go down, a 2/9 chance that just the calcium would go down, a 2/9 chance that just the phosphate would go down, and a 4/9 chance that neither would go down.

The Prayer experience obtained from using all forms of enriched bone on the strange machine in the House on the Hill has been increased by x5.

Small enriched bones will now yield 500 Prayer XP.
Medium enriched bones will now yield 1000 Prayer XP.
Large enriched bones will now yield 1500 Prayer XP.
Rare enriched bones will now yield 2500 Prayer XP.

Other Fossil Island changes
Implings can now spawn on Fossil Island.
The shop in the Volcano Mine now sells Volcanic ash at a cost of 40 points per item.
Tar monsters now inflict less damage with both their standard attacks and their AoE attacks. Additionally, the left-click option on Hoop snakes is now 'Use' which should assist you with stunning the Tar monsters.
The Hoop snake now has twice as many spawns, and it respawns at a faster rate.
The Deranged Archaeologist has been moved to a location found south of the Sulliuscep mushroom Woodcutting area.
Players chopping Sulliuscep mushrooms will find they are no longer inconveniently forced to the south-western side of the area.
Using Superglass Make now rewards you with the correct amount of Crafting XP when Giant seaweed is used. Previously 10 Crafting XP was given regardless of seaweed type. Now using Giant seaweed to Superglass Make will reward you with 60 XP.


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