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Crack the Clue Remastered, Now is our Chance!

Hello RuneScapers!

As many of you may know Jagex released Crack the Clue 2 on 22th February, I mean who doesn’t remember Pikachu Yip winning in back 2016!
Crack the Clue consists of discovering Hints, over the course of the next couple of weeks, when you finish collecting all the Clue Hints, The information will be used to solve an amazing Mystery also These clues will Unlock us some espectacular gear like Raewald Helm!


This is the First Clue that Jagex give us;


Make sure to Follow Clue-Hunting Discord!
Now…The important Part, Treasure Trails Expansion!
This is our chance to leave all design, feedbacks and suggestions, Jagex want us THE PLAYERS, to créate new content mostly on Clues.

Let’s sure to make some F2P players die at killing Obor or die with their sexy Spade at the Wildy because, guess what? YES, Jagex is realeasing a new tier of Clues ‘’Beginner Clues for F2p’’


For those who enjoy Puzzles now it’s the time to design some new ones…(not like the gnome one please i hate that one)


Make great things like dragon fighting Sandwich Lady, Mm… Create i don’t know, the path to Sandwich lady House, so we can knock his door for hours and throw Sandwiches to her. (cries of happiness)

(what i read everytime she appears)

Also they pointed out that some clues steps require levels that the players hasn’t reach or ítems that they cannot afford, so Jagex is bringing us a Re-roll System like here do 10 clues and we re roll the one that you weren’t able to do (Imagine getting 3 Clues that you are not able to do :’) Thanks Jagex that’s really Helpfull) Skip one by Skipping 3 or 4 that’s amazing.


Now to the ppl who likes to do several clues at the same time or just skip like i said before(let’s be honest) Now you will be able to stack all your clue scrolls depending on type and all your reward caskets, not big deal but really cool.

This is which i found more cool and troll, the casket has now a chance of becoming a Mimic that you must defeat in order to receive your reward. This boss will be on Master and Elite Clues so make sure to have good combat stats, imagine losing the fight and the reward (turns off the pc* lol) But jagex wants our help for designs, boss fight and rewards idea, so please guys make something remarkable.

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Thanks for Reading this short but informative blog hope to see your ideas shine on that contest!
Good Luck,everyone!

Your Friendly Blogger,
Alejandro Vergara
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