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We employ the safest methods around for buying and selling runescape 07 and rs3 gold. This ensures that you as a customer do not receive any penalties or bans on your account from dealing with us. We believe in creating and easy worry-free service, when dealing with RsGoldRush. To date, we’ve had a 0% ban rate for our customers!
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Grinding for gp can be a real pain, by buying runescape osrs or rs3 gold, you can get back to playing the best parts of runescape. In addition once your payment is processed, your gold will be delivered instantly, allowing you to get right back to playing!
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We never store your credit card information. We believe that’s best left to the payment processor professionals, such as G2a,Paypal etc. That way we can focus on what we excel at, getting you your gp as fast as possible.

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Want a quick head start, or a new account to play , without grinding through the lower boring levels. . Look no further as we offer a wide variety of start accounts including but not limited to, 70/70/70 melee mains, Range pures, Attack pures, and magic pures. All accounts are trained by our inhouse staff, and no email is set. Upon purchase your account order is automatically emailed to you, allowing you to start playing right away.


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RsGoldRush has been serving the community runescape gp and services since 2017. We started small, with many of our management staff and livechat workers migrating from BoglaGold after the website was sold. Since then we have continued to grow to become a premium runescape 07 and Rs3 gold selling shop, osrs fire cape service provider and osrs account seller. No matter your needs RsGoldRush is your be one stop Runescape Shop. We strive on building a bigger ,better and safer community. We flawlessly handle thousands of dollars with of transactions a day through buying and selling runescape osrs and rs3 gold. Our reputation speaks for itself, and if you ever have a doubt, our live chat can link you our vouch threads to put your mind at ease. And that's important to us, making you feel safe and trusted as one of our loyal customers.

What is OSRS?

OSRS is an acronym for the popular MMORPG game, Old School RuneScape. Jagex operates RuneScape in addition to Old School RuneScape. Old School RuneScape is a clone of the game from 2007 archives, restoring the game back to its roots with community polling for each update. As you may be aware, Jagex made many controversial choices with RuneScape 3, adding skills such as summoning. The most notorious choice was the Evolution of Combat, overhauling combat in a major way, that overnight destroyed the player-versus-player (PvP) scene. Many years later, the wilderness scene has not recovered, partly due to the decline in the player base: but also because of combat being ability based and protection prayers having 50% effectiveness. Old School RuneScape, or OSRS, has been an immense success for Jagex. It contributes to approximately half or more of Jagex’s revenues, according to recent reports. This is through monthly membership subscriptions and micro-transactions revenue (which includes Old School bonds that provide 2 weeks of membership). OSRS has also launched mobile apps, which are extremely popular on Android and Apple phones. OSRS on Google Play has over 1 million installs. The game translates extremely well to mobile phones. As the game is directly from a 2007 archive, and internet connections were extremely weak and unstable in 2007, the game only uses a few megabytes of data per hour. In addition, the legacy graphics also ensure your battery isn’t drained in a couple of hours. Because a lot of the activities in the game also aren’t graphically intensive, you can also cap your FPS to something like 15. You will still have smooth gameplay whilst not draining your battery.

Why should I buy OSRS gold?

Buying OSRS gold accelerates the progress and eliminates the grind, so you can get directly to the fun content (e.g. bossing, PvP). Gold is necessary throughout the entire game. There is a popular saying: to make money, you have got to spend money – no game demonstrates this better than Old School RuneScape. Training skills such as construction and prayer will cost you hundreds of millions in GP if you wish to attain 99. Even by the point you’re at combat level 40, which is relatively quick to get to, you have to spend 150,000 gold to buy your Rune armour set. As a new member, you will be limited in your moneymaking methods. A lot of the game is restricted by stats, quests and gear. You cannot fight Zulrah without, first of all, learning the boss. But to learn the boss you need level 80 ranged and level 80 magic. You must acquire the gear which will put you down hundreds of thousands for the armour. For the Toxic Blowpipe, you’re down five million OSRS gold, meaning to start even learning this method: you’d already need a considerable amount of gold. Doing Zulrah with budget gear, such as the Rune Crossbow, is essentially impossible for beginners. Vorkath can also be discussed, as it is a better alternative (money-wise). It requires only a high ranged level. Though getting to levels 85-90 ranged is not easy, as Old School RuneScape levelling is logarithmic. You’re actually recommended to use a cannon to level (which eats hundreds of thousands of gold per hour). And then start chinning (costing millions per hour but hundreds of thousands of experience is gained). Even doing Nightmare Zone will set you back tens of millions and take you much longer. Aside from this, to even fight Vorkath, you need to complete Dragon Slayer 2. Dragon Slayer 2 is not a difficult quest, but if you think the only prerequisite is completing Dragon Slayer, you’re dead wrong. To do the quest, you need 200 quest points which mean completing most of the quests in the game. These quests have high-level requirements. To train into higher levels of skills, you will need to spend gold or spend extra thousands of hours grinding. The trouble is, the best money-makers at low-levels are collecting items. For instance, you might collect white berries for 100,000 gold per hour. That’s fifty hours of collection to get the first item you need for Zulrah, a Toxic Blowpipe. The worst part about collecting items is that you gain no experience while doing it. Whilst doing Zulrah, you will gain significant magic and ranged experience and millions of gold per hour. Not to mention, by bossing, you will have a chance at a pet. Ask yourself this question, would you rather do fifty hours of collection or spend a few dollars to get that initial boost to getting access to the fun content like bossing? There’s no pride or fun in having grinded tedious and repetitive content.

What can I use OSRS Gold for?

The reality is Old School RuneScape is built mostly around end-game content. There’s not much fun content to do at a low level unless you’d class killing chickens in Lumbridge as peak fun. You can use your gold to train your skills and purchase your gear. Construction will cost you around 100 million gold to level 99. Prayer from level 1 to level 99, using a gilded altar, will also cost you around 118 million gold. These are known examples. But what you may not be aware of is Slayer requires plenty of different gear setups for different enemies. You can be assigned Jad as a slayer task and you need to buy all the potions and gear for Jad, which costs millions. You can be assigned demons and spend hours killing hundreds of them, for awful drops, or cannon them and get great experience and move on to your next task quickly. Many guides for slayer-assigned monsters will specifically tell you they need to be cannoned to make the task non-tedious. Combat gear and potions alone will run you down tens of millions, as well as the paramount skills, prayer and construction. With that said, with enough gold, you can favour experience over gold in the short-term for long-term gold efficiency. If you craft battlestaves (instead of jewellery) or fletch darts (instead of bows), you will gain experience much faster. You can reduce a 50-hour skilling session into a 5-hour one, and still net profit because the remainder of the time you can spend doing a money-maker or training other skills. You should not always favour gold over experience. Cleaning herbs for herblore, for instance, will provide you with barely any experience. How to safely buy OSRS gold To safely buy OSRS gold, you must ensure to follow the advice in live chat. Ensure you are on an HTTPS encrypted website by checking the green padlock in the top left. Confirm the world and location, and ensure to provide your exact username to the person you’re talking to. This way, they aren’t going to trade a random person your gold on accident. In terms of ban rates, you have nothing to worry about whatsoever – because you are a buyer. The chance of you being banned is pretty much non-existent. Jagex always targets people who are selling gold. This is because even if Jagex can automatically detect such trades, they always ensure they are 100% certain before applying any ban. If a gold seller were to trade a random person, the random person would also be banned, through something such as a giveaway. Whereas the people funding these accounts are not going to give bulk gold away for free, hence, have a much higher risk of being banned. To summarise, no ban will come your way. You should also never trade the gold back to anyone. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to claim the gold back. By remaining vigilant, you will remain safe!

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Always wanted that firecape, but have been struggling? Waste no more time or supplies, instead use RsGoldRush’s Firecape service. We offer a wide variety of options for your various account stats. Our Osrs Firecape service, uses an inhouse team of skilled firecapers. We use only clean safe Ips, meaning our firecapers have NEVER been banned or flagged for any penalty! Not only save time, but save money as we use our own supplies to complete your firecape. Whether it be a runescape main or a 1 def pure, RsGoldRush Firecape Service provides quick and hassle-free firecapes. Only need that pesky Jad Kill? Contact our livechat for cheap Jad rates.

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