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Over 5 Years Serving the RS Community was founded by long-time RS players in 2017. We wanted to make the RSGP transfer process SIMPLE. We have achieved that by building an easy-to-use platform with no frills or complexities. We only sell GP for RS3 and OSRS, and we do it well.
Online Reputation
We understand that reputation is important.  We are asking you to trust us with your money, so it’s our job to provide you with evidence of our reputation.  The best resources to see reviews on our business are:
North American Ownership

We are a legally registered entity in North America.  Our ownership is based in North America.  Our agents are multi-national so that they are able to serve our customers from around the world 24/7.  We value your business and our staff is fluent in English to ensure high-level and easy communication.


We are online and reachable 24 hours per day through our Live Support to answer any questions you may have about our company or the services we provide.  Please do not hesitate to ask us questions, we are here to help.

Legal claims no affiliated with Jagex Ltd. or its affiliates.  All in-game interaction is provided by third parties.  We act as a broker to facilitate the transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver all OSRS & RS3 GP orders in-game, using face-to-face trades. We can also arrange a Stake trade for larger orders ($500+). We will never ask for the login to your RS account.
To arrange delivery of your order, please contact us on Live Support which can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of all pages on our website. Our Live Support is online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is always a real person who is online and ready to assist you

You can order RSGP using an F2P or P2P account. Just let us know on Live Support if you wish to meet on an F2P or P2P world.

We aim to deliver your RSGP order within 5 minutes of your completed payment. For the fastest delivery and instant service, please contact our Live Support prior to delivery. You can then remain in a chat session throughout the ordering process, and our Customer Service agent will be ready to deliver your order immediately!

You can buy RS GP with Credit Card, Debit Card, CashApp, Zelle, Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptos and more. We do our best to provide local payment methods for 100+ countries.

We make sure that buying RSGP is safe and secure for our customers. Firstly, all payments are processed outside of our websites, using our payment processors’ secure and industry-regulated payment systems. You never enter your financial information on
Secondly, we know that buyers can be worried about bans and other actions taken against their in-game account. We have never seen a buyer banned for purchasing RSGP on our website. We also make sure that our ingame GP is never sourced from botting, account theft, in-game glitches/bugs, scamming, or other methods which are against the spirit of the game.

We understand that you want to make sure our website is a legitimate and trusted place to buy OSRS GP& RS3 GP.  We recommend checking out the following pages, which have a wide list of reviews from customers just like you, who put their trust in RSGoldRush: